Building Business Impact

The way people work together isn’t transformed overnight.  Building a digital workplace requires evolution.  Instead of a Big Bang transformation, build it through a series of progressive changes.
As a firm increases the digital capabilities they offer to employees and partners, everyone becomes more empowered.  As they become more empowered, they develop a bias for action, transforming the output of the workforce.
Digital dexterity is the ultimate goal – building the agility to adjust to changing business requirements and customer demands with minimal investment in time or infrastructure.

Attaining Digital Dexterity

Digital Dexterity is the name of the game; and it’s won by crossing a series of incremental finish lines.
Digital Dexterity is not derived from a monolithic, all-encompassing system, but instead through a suite of offerings.  By leveraging an ecosystem of intelligent apps together, your workforce can achieve true knowledge management and scalability.

Recognizing how to establish this ecosystem requires a planned and deliberate approach.

We guide our clients along this path with a customized roadmap.  We help them establish and integrate their steps of evolution toward intelligent and cohesive apps that combine to form a greater whole.

Dynamics CRM Solutions

SIBI CRM experts have decades of experience working closely with clients in a wide range of industries, gaining insight into the myriad, ever-shifting challenges they face. We deliver unique and flexible accelerators that extend the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for a number of verticals.


Delivering collaboration solutions that work the way people do

Boost productivity and user adoption with a suite of enterprise collaboration solutions that extend the familiar socialmobilebusiness intelligence, and user experience features and capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint to connect people, content and systems any where at any time.

Providing experience that drives continued success.

Microsoft, Dell, Terex and others rely on SIBI’s extensive experience with SharePoint and other leading tools and technology to quickly deliver secure collaboration solutions that enable people to share knowledge and ideas across the enterprise.


Next Steps...

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